Taban İzolasyonu

Taban İzolasyonu

Seismic Isolation Construction Method

The key point of seismic isolation is vibration control.

Seismic isolation is a construction method for protecting buildings, in which the building and ground are separated by an isolation system to limit the transmission of vibrations through the building.
It reduces the earthquake force and changes it to a slow vibration, so not only the building, but also everything inside is protected.

Earthquake resistant construction

Although the structure of the building can be protected, there is a possibility of causing secondary accidents due to falling furniture and damage to facades.

Seismic isolation provides numerous benefits.

Safety improvement
Damage to not only the building itself but also interior facilities are restricted and gas or water leaks are prevented, as are secondary accidents due to falling furniture and human lives are protected.
Maintenance of function
The function of buildings can be ensured even after a major earthquake and life can continue as normal.
Protection of property
The difficulties of repair, reinforcement, demolition and rebuilding were experienced after the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
Seismic isolation reduces concern.
Increased flexibility
Earthquake input to building can be considerably reduced while design flexibility is increased.
Precast construction method simplifies the whole structure including junctions and reduces weight of members.
Improvement of relief
Fear of earthquake can be alleviated and psychological burden is reduced.
Evacuation route is secured after an earthquake.
Economic effect of seismic isolation
Considering safety improvements for disaster during an earthquake and reduction of repair costs after an earthquake, seismic isolation can reduce life cycle cost.


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